Elemental Affinity

In our last post, we covered the basics of magick in the world of EoS. But what does that mean to you the player? Well as you learn and use spells in game there is a mechanic you should be aware of- elemental affinity.

As you use and perform spells, each one has a certain element it is associated with. If you keep using spells with the same element your player will become increasingly attuned to it. This attunement is what we refer to as elemental affinity. The stronger you are attuned to an element, the easier it is for you to cast that spell. This also means the spell itself is stronger. However, this is not without consequences. The stronger you are attuned to one element, the weaker you become to the opposite. If you become a master of fire, beware those who would use water against you. Hurl rocks at your enemies as you please, but be wary of those who would fling them back with air spells.

A screenshot of the affinity UI in game

As you play in game there is a handy diagram you can reference that tracks your elemental affinity and its status. You can easily see what elements you use most, as well as how that affects your player. When you start the game, you will have no attunements at all. Just by playing you will bit by bit build these attunements. Take note however that the higher tier the element is, the harder it is to become attuned to it. Fire will always be easier to attune to than snow. Dedication to these higher tier elements will be rewarded, as higher tier elements provide significantly stronger passive bonuses to your player.

In our next post, we’ll go over the kinds of spells you can cast in EoS. As always, thanks for your support and we’d love to hear any feedback you have. If you want to keep up with the latest news, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

-The EoS Team

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