Skill Trees Part III
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Hey Everyone,
We’re happy to say that the skill tree has finally been finished for the first iteration. This means all the skills, stats and various passive abilities have been decided for the game!

Skill Tree
While it might look like a violent rainbow of colors, the Skill Tree has been finalized to the point where it's ready to be put in the game. Luckily for everyone else, this image is really only used internally by us to keep track of what is where and for balancing purposes. It's been designed on purpose to spread out each kind of ability to encourage more hybrid characters compared to traditional RPG games. We're hoping this will entice players to find some really interesting skill combinations. An internal view of the final version of the skill tree

Let’s break down what all is in this tree. In terms of stats on the skill tree there are 35 of each of the primary stats (Vigor, Vitality and Intellect), 25 of each of the secondary stats (Resolve, Presence, and Finesse) as well as 12 Favor nodes. There’s 44 active abilities and 77 passive traits which grant unique character buffs or new combat abilities respectively. For each individual skill type, there are anywhere from 5 to 16 different abilities to pick from. The wide range of passive and active abilities should make for very interesting and versatile characters.

Game Implementation
Now that the skill tree has been finalized for it's first iteration, final designs have been started for what it will look like in game. We showed you a sneak peek of what that looks like last month, and we've expanded on that slightly. Work is being done to flesh out a couple of nice features such as filters and the detailed stats page. The goal is to make as easy as possible to find the kind of nodes you are looking for. Looking for more sneak skills? Click sneak and all of the nodes will be highlighted making it easier to find. Once these designs are fleshed out we can finalize the assets and begin implementation in the game. Our next update on the skill tree will go into this in more detail and show you some in progress images of how this will look and perform in game! Skill tree with stat filters applied
In summary we've finalized the skill tree, begun doing the final artwork for it, and will proceed to move that into the actual game. Our next update will focus on that so we can show off it in action in game!

As always thanks for your support and we'd love to hear any feedback you have. If you want to keep up with the latest news, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on Facebook!

-The EoS Team
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