Skill Trees Part IV
This is Part IV of V. Click for Part I, Part II, Part III

Hey Everyone,
This will be a quick update, but we’d like to share the full skill tree as you’ll see it in game.

Skill Tree Revealed
Here it is in all of it's glory - the skill tree that will be used in game. The upper portion of the tree makes up 300 different choices. This breaks down to 44 active skills, 64 passive skills, and 192 stat nodes. The bottom of the tree - which are stat buffs you earn by using that skill, is comprised of 16 roots with 8 buffs each for a total of 128 unlockable buffs. We'll reveal more about the tree soon, including some in game screenshots of it in action. Praise the almighty tree of life. An internal view of the final version of the skill tree

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-The EoS Team
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